Louisville Girl

First, enable me to welcome you to the private cover of my writing, thoughts, and images.

If you’re new to my web blog, I hope you’ll navigate through the posts with open-mind that’s able to connect through the commonalities we tend to all share. Our connections are way more similar than we’d ever wish to acknowledge. However if you’re thinking about our research team, you’ll notice that we’re all an equivalent at our core. We tend to kind through many layers to search out those bonds however they exist.

Second, as you dig through my posts, I hope you’re galvanized by optimism, touched by love which you discover a post or two which will cause you to laugh.

I have “all the feelings” in-person and on-line therefore I’m so doormat on displaying it with my writing. I’m hopeful that you’ll notice my vulnerability and my feelings. I’m all deep in focussing my thoughts with others and therefore prepare to leap into the deep-end of life topics however bring your glasses with you therefore you’re ready for the scintillant moments that are saturated with seventh heaven. This web blog makes frequent stops for fun as it is necessary for survival and serenity.

Last however not least, thanks for being a neighborhood of the internet world that brought you to my web blog. As our life may be a gift and sharing glimpses of my life and therefore the lives of others may be a blessing to us all.

God Bless,
Brie Bella