Impressive Toilet Designs

Impressive Toilet Designs

There have been major innovations in toilets throughout the years but it seems that the Western world was happy with the traditional flush toilet. With the fairly recent inventions, this may change.

Environment Friendly:

In underdeveloped countries, water-based systems are not feasible due to lack of water. Composting toilets could help solve this problem as well as increasing crop production. They also have a use in the developed countries, as the BioLet composting toilet can be usedd in campers or on boats see here.

Earth and Orchard Toilets fit into this category, too. They can be the most sanitary, cheapest, most ecological system for countries where water is scarce. It is a portable potty on a simpler level, designed to be placed over a hole and when the hole is full, moved to a new location. It provides “fertilizer” for plants and has a tight-fitting lid to limit odors. Other companies are experimenting with toilets that turn human waste into fuel.Impressive Toilet Designs

Another problem in developing countries is that they need to be self-powered. Solar power toilets solve this dilemma. Mobile solar powered toilets have becime so popular in San Francisco that they are being considered in other cities now.

There are also incinerating toilets that have a gas chamber to burn the waste to ashes


The Profile Smart 305 has a sink attached to the top of the toilet tank. When you wash your hands, you are using fresh water, but it is then converted into grey water and stored in the tank for flushing. Another model has an LED light to signal that the tank is full, like here.

An industrial design student created a toilet power generator that converts energy from flushing your toilet into electrical energy. It has a waterwheel kind of turbine that drives a generator, which could save a seven-story building $1,000 per year in energy cost

The Mini Hydro Turbine produces free electricity by tapping into the water pressure in your pipes at home.

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The KKirei maintains a healthy environment. Its self-washing system is remote controlled. It features silent flushing, efficient use of energy, and the lid has automatic open and close mechanism. “The Ultimate Clean Toilet” also has an ultraviolet light to disinfect the toilet.

The Japanese are known for their innovation in toilets. Many warm the toilet seat, flush automatically, prodice warm water to rinse and an air stream to dry your bottom, open and close the lid automatically, incorporate massage features, conserve water, and even play music.

Two entrepeneurs even came up with an interactive gaming system based on urine stream strength and aim.

Yet, possibly the height of the “potty culture” is a wearable toilet, worn like a diaper, which sucks waste into a reusable container, with soundproofing included.